About Us

Core of Iceland

About Us

Company IC Core ehf. was founded in 2016. It is located not far from the capital of Iceland in harbor city Hafnarfjordur.

Iceland - an island country, which is located far from the industry with its waste, in cold crystal blue waters of the northern seas. The land of glaciers, clear waterfalls, geysers and fast clear mountain rivers.

The company is very young and involved in production of finished products and semi-finished products from fish and seafood. We use our own developed technology and create fish products of best quality.

Why our products have the highest quality? Iceland is clean and pure, natural, unpolluted and wholesome. It has geothermal energy, which can be used for heating and producing electricity, so Icelanders have never needed nuclear power plants, thus there is no pollution. Fish grows in the natural environment, and is not grown on farms as in other countries, which means it does not have any harmful additives.

IC Core ehf. is exporting products all over the world.

We have 3 main directions of production:

    1. Cod fish snacks “Frispers”
    2. Sea cucumbers and cod fish maws
    3. Canned cod liver

We own a ship and license for catching sea cucumbers. This license is one of 9 that are exists at the moment in Iceland.

We apply an individual approach to each client. We can create a product with an unique recipe just for you.

We are constantly evolving and always open to something new.

Dear partners! Please don’t hesitate to contact us if you are interested in cooperation. We are always glad to communicate with you.