Benefits of codfish snacks “Frispers”

  We would like to introduce you a product – revolution among the snacks- codfish snack “Frispers”. There are no analogues of it; it is the new generation of snacks – healthy snacks. This is the first time in history, when we can offer the consumer a snack, which is not harmful, but even beneficial to a human health. Nowadays trends are changing: consumers are increasingly willing to replace cookies and chips to healthy snacks; they search for the products that have a completely new quality. Our snacks are made of codfish skin, codfish – unique in its nutritional value kind of fish. It is a rich source of protein and fatty acids – OMEGA 3 essential for the body. The codfish skin is a unique product that contains all the useful properties of cod. Benefits of codfish snacks “Frispers”:

  • It is made only from fresh raw materials within a few hours after catching of Atlantic cod
  • To maintain high quality products we use hand work combined with a unique production technology
  • Contains only natural preservatives
  • The roasting in the blend of olive and palm oils gives our snacks a special taste and a gentle crunch
  • It is a good source of collagen proteins and nutrients
  • Production area. Iceland – an island country, which is located far from the industry with its waste, in cold crystal blue waters of the northern seas.