Cod Floss


COD FLOSS is really good for health especially for the growing children's organism as it contains a large amount of protein and is low caloric. Similarly to meat, fish acts as a source of full-fledged animal protein including amino acids that aren't produced by our organism. But these substances are very important, especially for the growing child as they participate in development of tissues and cells, synthesis of antibodies, and also protect your child from viruses and microorganisms, hormones and enzymes. And "sea" protein is acquired and digested easier than meat. Also it is good for children to prevent diseases and during the rehabilitation period.

- Low content of fat in fish explains why it is recommended in case of liver diseases.

- Fish is rich in iodine that stimulates intellectual potential. Sufficient intake of iodine is especially important during organism formation such as growth of a newborn. Iodine has a positive impact on intellectual development of children.

- Regular intake of cod is an excellent way of prevention of the digestive tract diseases. Health benefits of fish are explained by the presence of niatsin - B3 vitamin.

COD FLOSS is made from the Icelandic fish recognized all over the world as being environmentally pure.

COD FLOSS is recommended for consumption of children over 8 months. They can be added to any baby food compatible with fish – cereals, vegetables, rice, etc.

Ingredients: 100% shredded cod fillet

Per unit: 135*210 mm (Flow Pack)
Net WT: 30 g
Carton size: 245*245*190 mm

1200*800 mm

25 pcs/carton
132 ctns/pallet
3168 ctns/cont


1200*1000 mm

25 pcs/carton
176 ctns/pallet
3696 ctns/cont