Frispers Salted Egg 32 g ("coming soon")


PRODUCT: “Frispers”, which are produced from cod skins, have a crunchy texture, light and pleasant to the taste. The small size of the pieces, interesting shape that is never repeated in different pieces, gives us an unforgettable taste sensation and the desire to try a new piece.

Codfish – unique in its nutritional value kind of fish. It is a rich source of protein and fatty acids – OMEGA 3, essential for the body. The codfish skin is a unique product that contains all the useful properties of cod. Thanks to a unique, environmentally safe production technology, it has a huge potential to occupy the niche in the snack category, and thanks to useful and taste properties, to become a leader among them.

BENEFITS: Indeed, it is a revolution among the snacks – this is the first time in history, when we can offer the consumer a snack, which is not harmful, but even beneficial to a human health.

Ingredients: fried cod skin pieces, blend of vegetable oils (palm oil, olive oil), egg yolk powder, sugar, skimmed milk powder, salt, acidity regulator: E 262 ii (sodium diacetates), E 330 (citric acid), curry leaves, flavouring, taste enhancer: E 621 (monosodium glutamate), E 627(disodium guanylate), E 631(disodium inosinate), lactose, sweet whey powder, colouring agent: E 160a (beta-carotene), chilli.

Allergen Declaration:
Milk and products thereof
Egg and products thereof

Per unit: 135*210 mm (Flow Pack)
Net WT: 32 g
Carton size: 400*200*166 mm

1200*800 mm

16 pcs/carton
180 ctns/pallet
4320 ctns/cont


1200*1000 mm

16 pcs/carton
225 ctns/pallet
4725 ctns/cont